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project: Shoot Stories 2006   Posted: 2006.04.20
Author: Sophie Dobrigkeit   Modified: 2006.04.20

Shoot Stories 2006

12 Deceiving Reflections of Shanghai

This calendar 2006 is based upon pictures that I've taken during a trip to Shanghai in November 2005. The city is crazy: with incredible speed buildings are deconstructed and reconstructed, houses are shooting off the ground. It is impossible to visit the same city twice; when you look the second time – it'll be completely different.
12 Deceiving Reflections are showing this experience.

The omnipresence of dots can be related to the incredible density of people in the streets of Shanghai.

The text for the calendar is taken from a city guide and transformed using Oulipo's N+7 method.

Co-Artist: Amelie (4)

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