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project: OneAday Drawings by Ed Fella   Posted: 2011.03.10
Author: Ed Fella   Modified: 2011.03.10

OneAday Drawings by Ed Fella

Ougrapo featuring a project by Ed Fella, Exit Level Designer

The idea of Ougrapo is not only to invent constraints or to produce work following certain rules but also to search for work that is (consciously) made under self-imposed constraints. When I visited Ed Fella last Fall in his office at CalArts, Valencia/USA, he told me about his 100 One-A-day-drawings.

Ed used a time constraint: one drawing per day on 100 consecutive days. There was a constraint in the tools he used: only a very specific set of pencils. And most important: no restart and no editing.

The constraints and requirements he had strictly followed are so ougrapolian that I immediately wanted to feature his work on our Ougrapo-site. Here it is:

1 drawing every day for 100 days
Use only multicolor pencils & blocks with prismacolor stick

Using multicolor pencils and sticks (meant for children) plus white prisma-color to soften and blend, Ed Fella did one (no restart or editing) drawing per day in the summer of 2010 for 100 days consecutively.
The project is part of an ongoing body of work Ed Fella calls his “counter-factual history series”.

Thank you, Ed!

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