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project: nOulipo Poster   Posted: 2006.10.09
Author: Zak Kyes   Modified: 2006.10.09

nOulipo Poster

Ougrapo is featuring Zak Kyes' poster project:
nOulipo (after Georges Perec)
Roy Edna Disney CalArts Theater (REDCAT) 2005

nOulipo (after Georges Perec) is a poster for nOulipo, a conference on the French experimental writing group Oulipo. Oulipo stands for Ouvroir de littérature potentiell and became renowned for their use of constrained writing techniques, or limiting design principles such as Perec's "story-making machine". Oulipo was founded in 1960 by a group of french writers and mathematicians; their best known member is perhaps Georges Perec who wrote the novel A Void, a detective story in which the author never once uses the letter 'e'.

The symposium is titled 'nOulipo', the n signifying both the idea of math (i.e. let n=1) and the Oulipian N+7 constraint which substitutes all the nouns in a text with the 7th noun below in a dictionary. Text by Matias Viegener in collaboration with Zak Kyes. Symposium organized by Christine Wertheim and Matias Viegener.


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